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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford must be investigated for CONSPIRACY against Justice Brett Kavanaugh!

Judge Kavanaugh and Christine Ford during testimony of accusations
Look at the two photos. Notice the look of righteous indignation on Judge Kavanaugh’s face and then compare it to the look of abject horror on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s face. As I examine the two faces it strikes me as very strange that a grown woman looks so terrified as she recants an experience that happened to her over three decades ago. As I further examine her face it almost looks as a face filled with shame rather than fear. And I think of an acting class I took back in college where we were taught how to act and look certain ways and I wondered who coached Dr. Ford and how many times she had practiced making that face. A face that could be interpreted to mean so many things. What it really meant we will probably never know but for sure it was a pathetic face. A face designed to illicit sympathy and compassion for the victim. And yet, who was the real victim here? Was it really Dr. Christine Ford or was it really Judge Brett Kavanaugh?

Let’s go back to before this accusation came to light. The photo below shows the happy family of Judge Kavanaugh as he is presented as President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court.
Judge Kavanaugh and family before accusation

Look at the happy faces of Judge Kavanaugh’s family. In particular look at the Judge’s face. He is happy and proud as he watches his wife and daughter’s reaction to his nomination by the President. They are wonderfully happy and this is a photo that we should all remember because it will never be taken again. There is no way this family will ever feel this same unabashed happiness again. His confirmation to the Supreme Court cannot erase the stain upon this family that has been cast upon him by the accusation of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when she testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Brett Kavanaugh, at the age of 17, tried to rape her at a party when she was only 15. And at that same hearing she testified that she was 100 percent sure it was Brett Kavanaugh.

Never mind that this happened 36 years before and she had never filed a police report, never told her parents, never confided in any friend, never told any boyfriend, never told anyone at all. Until, that is, she says she told her therapist some 30 years later. And even in this revelation she told the therapist she was attacked by four boys at a party and she never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh by name. Her one and only corroborating factor that she had ever told anyone was her husband who said he recalled her saying Brett Kavanaugh’s name but even Dr. Ford said she never mentioned his name to the therapist and when questioned as to why the therapist’s notes said there were four boys, Dr. Ford said the therapist had made a mistake. Why are we supposed to believe everything, no matter how preposterous it may be, as absolute fact?

This is why Justice Kavanaugh must be totally and 100 percent exonerated. And there is only one way to do that.  We need to know more about Dr. Ford. We know everything there is to know about Justice Kavanaugh. We know about his barfing, his flatulence, his silly yearbook notes, his love of beer. We know his friends and his school history and his work history and his exemplary record of achievements over the years. But we know very little about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. She was allowed to testify before the world and accuse (then) Judge Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape 36 years ago, without any kind of corroboration whatsoever. And treated with kid gloves by the Senate. And she and her lawyers called the shots. With zero corroboration this woman was allowed to accuse one of the most honorable men who ever walked this earth of something so horrible and so base that they might as well have given her a knife and allowed her to stab him in the heart. Because that is exactly the affect it had on him.  Only, that would have been a lot quicker and far less painful for Judge Kavanaugh.


Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, September 27, 2018. – Kavanaugh was to testify in front of the panel next on Thursday afternoon, having stridently rejected the allegations of sexual abuse by Blasey Ford and two other women in prepared remarks. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / POOL / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

In the above photo Judge Kavanaugh struggles not to cry as he recalls how his young daughter said they should “pray for the woman” who had accused him.  It is a face filled with emotion and despair. It is a face of a man who has been falsely accused and he is the only person in the world who knows for a fact that he is telling the truth. It is the face of a man who feels defeated because he knows his lifelong reputation has been destroyed by one woman who, for reasons unknown, has come forward with a baseless and senseless allegation of attempted rape by him, which she alleged happened 36 years ago. It is the face of a man who has been completely and totally blindsided and in the face of such horrible accusations that threaten his very existence, including that of his family, must defend himself against that which he cannot even see. Because the enemy, without any kind of corroboration or witnesses, is invisible. And how can one fight what one cannot see?

APTOPIX Supreme Court Kavanaugh

And yet, as captured in the above photo, he did fight back. As if he were fighting for his life. Because, in fact, he was! He was fighting for the life he worked hard to build. A life of honesty and integrity and forthrightness and fairness and accomplishment. He was fighting for his wife and his daughters and his mother and his father, who were also there in the Senate listening to the testimony. And he didn’t hold back.  He gave it all he had and even accused the left of a vast conspiracy that also included the Clintons. He wavered from absolute anger to dismay as he denied everything that Dr. Christine Ford had accused him of and he repeatedly questioned how the Senate had thrown out due process and the presumption of innocence. He protested to the unfounded allegation he had been subjected to in front of the world and he lamented that his reputation had been destroyed forever. And I don’t believe he was coached by anyone on how to look or what to say or how to act.  He said what he felt and what was true and he reacted emotionally to how he felt. He was real and he was honest.

I watched him that day and I cried. I cried because it hurt so much to see someone treated so unfairly and I cried because this is what our country has become. A nation of liars and connivers and paid protesters. And I cried to see our Democratic Senators question him repeatedly about his youth and his yearbook and if he was a gang rapist and I knew that they knew he was innocent of these allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. And yet they didn’t care. They didn’t care if they destroyed an innocent man’s life. They wanted blood and they drew blood.  They were so desperate to discredit Judge Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court that they put up a woman with a 36-year-old completely unfounded and uncorroborated story alleging attempted rape and then they acted like they completely believed her. And in fact, they stated that they believed her and that the Judge was lying. Any lesser man would have given up in the face of such unbelievable and incredible accusations played out for all the world to see. But Judge Kavanaugh fought back. And he vowed that he was innocent and that nothing they could do would make him withdraw from his nomination.

And at least half the world cried with me that day. And the other half. Well, they protested in the streets and they screamed and yelled and tore things up and stated that women must be believed at all costs, even if it means destroying an innocent man’s life. And female Senators such as Senator Gillibrande and Senator Hirono said they believed Dr. Ford unequivocally, without any witnesses or corroboration of any kind, and that surely Judge Kavanaugh was lying. Senator Hirono from Hawaii even went so far as to say that all men should “Just shut up.” I have never witnessed anything like this in my enitre life and it saddened me not only for Judge Kavanaugh and his family, but for my country and all of its citizens as well.

What had we become? What were we to become? And what could save Judge Kavanaugh who I truly believed was innocent. And I  believed this because there was absolutely NO evidence to the contrary. NONE! NADA! NIL!

Why did the Senate Judiciary Committee even allow this to happen? Someone, please explain this to me and to the country. Because we deserve an explanation!

Yes, I have seen the most recent revelations that Dr. Ford had a friend named Monica McLean who was a former FBI agent living in Delaware and perhaps she helped her write her original letter and that in the past she might have helped McLean understand how to take a polygraph test, even though McLean has denied this.

Yes, I have read the Arizona prosecutor’s account of why she thinks Dr. Ford was not honest in her testimony.

Yes, I am aware that there were several inconsistencies in her testimony that day that I myself caught, such as was she really afraid of flying and did she really not know that the Senate had offered to come to California to interview her. She did not seem credible to me but perhaps I am biased because to me when someone makes a completely and totally uncorroborated allegation as serious as the one Dr. Ford made against Judge Kavanaugh, 36 years after the so-called fact, and can’t remember major details like how she got there or how she got  home, whose house it was, where the house was, who invited her there, not even sure exactly what year it was even,  and never told anyone until just now when someone famous like Judge Kavanaugh is about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court and then BOOM this accusation comes from out of nowhere. Of course I was skeptical. Of course I thought it was a set up. Of course I thought it was a hit-job. And I still believe it was.

And I want to know why the Senate allowed it to happen. Why? Why did the Senate allow this?

As far as I am concerned this isn’t the end. It is not over. It will never be over until we know all the facts. And I am talking about the facts surrounding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

I think the Senate and the Department of Justice owe us an apology, explanation and investigation in Dr. Ford’s background, which was deliberately hidden from us during the hearings. If she had nothing to hide why was it hidden? Everything about Judge Kavanaugh was in the open. Nothing, not one thing, about Dr. Ford was in the open or disclosed. We knew nothing about her at all. And we still don’t. Because she was treated with kid gloves. She and her lawyers were allowed to call all the shots regarding her testimony and Judge Kavanaugh was forced to endure this deliberate character assassination with no due process or presumption of innocence whatsoever.

This is not acceptable. Not in my America. Not as long as I have any kind of voice at all in which to protest, civilly, both orally and in writing. And not as long as I can demand that our elected officials, most particularly our Senators who allowed this farce to occur, perform a full and complete investigation of Dr. Ford’s mental and emotional background as well as a history of her sexual activities while in high school and thereafter.

There is not only a stain upon Justice Kavanaugh as a result of her false accusation but there is also a stain on America and on the Senate for allowing this debacle to happen. Justice Kavanaugh and our country deserve for the truth to be known. We want to see her medical records, her work records, an investigation into her background. We want to know who is the real Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

We owe it to Justice Kavanaugh and his family to do all that we can to try to restore them to the happiness they displayed in that first photo.  And while “nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass” (Wordsworth) we will continue to grieve until this wrong has been righted.

Exonerate Justice Kavanaugh completely.


~ Jazziette Devereaux

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