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MSM is POLLING our LEG! Presidential Polls – 2016


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“But…but ..but…they wouldn’t lie to us would they? Seriously? Would the media deliberately lie and deceive the American public?”

You can bet your bottom dollar they would! And do! All the time! And they have been lying to us and distorting the truth for a very very long time. So long we don’t even know how long. Maybe forever, as far as I know.

“But why? Why would they lie? Why would they lie about the candidates? Why would they lie about the polls?”

Because the media, for the most part, is owned by just a handful of very wealthy and powerful individuals and they print what is in their best interest for the reader to read, not ours. And their best interest is to influence the way we think, the way we dress, the things we eat, what we drink, the medications we take, what stocks we invest in, where we invest our money, where we travel, the way we vote, etc. and on and on, with the list being too extensive to name in this article.  Most importantly, the media and the elitists who own it, need for laws to be passed and enacted that will enable them to continue  with their propaganda and increasing and amassing their great wealth even if it means making the country go bankrupt in the process.

“But that’s anti-American!”

Who ever said the media is owned by Americans?

Do you really think you know who owns the six huge corporations that own basically all the main stream media in the world?

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General Electric, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS

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The advertisers that support these media companies have tremendous sway over what makes it on the airwaves. These are the companies that make every attempt to control public perception and to control the politicians who get the laws passed that perpetuate their greed and wealth.  Naturally this means that the politician who will do their bidding is the one they will report about more favorably. It makes sense doesn’t it? And also, during an election year, candidates now spend enormous amounts of money on ads against their opponents. Is the light beginning to dawn now?

How many times to do you find yourself asking if the reporter or the anchor is telling you the truth? How often do you find yourself dismayed by facts they present that you didn’t think were possible? Do you find that your opinion is based on what you watch on MSNBC and FOX News or what you read in the Washington Post or the New York Times? Do you ever question the validity of what you saw, heard or read?

I do all the time. Most recently I found myself questioning the Presidential Polls. They didn’t seem to make any sense to me based on my own firsthand knowledge. Overwhelmingly Clinton was beating Trump in all the polls. And yet, with over 4,000 friends on Facebook, I could see a much larger trend in favor of Trump. It continued to baffle me until finally I decided to conduct my very own poll.

Jazziette’s Official Presidential Poll – 2016 …..August 29th, 2016

And so on my Facebook page, of which I have over 4,000 friends, I conducted my own several hour Presidential Poll. I simply asked for those wishing to participate to respond with the candidate of their choice and the state in which they live. I asked that there be no other conversation. I felt that based on the fact that my friends are from all over the country and fall within all demographics that it would be a fairly accurate test of which way the wind was blowing. I was not prepared for the results, however.

I actually thought there would be quite a few that would choose Clinton and I was prepared for it to be a very close poll. But surprisingly, after over 60 responses, these were the results.

Trump – 55, Johnson – 5, Clinton – 2, Stein – 1, Kenison – 1, Paulson – 1 and Dissenters – 4

This poll was definitely not rigged! The voters represented nearly every state in the union, with Texas having the most responses.

After that I checked Donald J Trump’s Facebook page and saw that I had over 450 friends who had liked his page. Then I went to Clinton’s Facebook page and I only had 53 friends who liked her page.

To me this was very revealing. Highly indicative that the numbers we are getting from MSM are not only wrong, they are absolute fabrications. The obvious intent is to make us think that Trump is doing horrible and that we should switch our votes away from Trump, who they use every opportunity possible to turn his words against him. Another highly deceitful practice of the MSM. However, the other and much scarier intent is that the MSM is rigging the polls so that they will match the results of a rigged election. This is cause for grave concern! Remember 2000!!!

I will end by saying I do not know how anyone with love for this country can vote for that woman. In my opinion she shouldn’t even be qualified to run for President of the United States with her track record, not to mention the disgraceful behavior of her husband when he was President. The Presidency isn’t like some crown to be passed from one spouse to another or one family member to another. What a mistake it was electing George W Bush (he was actually appointed by the Supreme Court) who thrust the world into complete and utter chaos when he invaded Iraq, and based on a lie at that.

But Hillary is a very different and far more dangerous candidate than even Bush. She is clever and manipulating. This has been proven as a result of investigations by Congress and the FBI into the handling of her email servers and classified information while she “self-served” as Secretary of State. This has also been proven by the way she has repeatedly lied to cover up her activities in connection with favors given to donors of the Clinton Foundation, which is also under investigation by the FBI. Bush did what he was told to do. Hillary, if elected, will have none of that. She will do exactly as she pleases and that means she will do what benefits her and the special interest groups and countries (including Iran and Saudi Arabia) who are sponsoring her.

Pure and simple. She does not care a whit what the people of this country want. Clinton is the very epitome of the “Establishment”.

God help us all if Hillary Clinton is our next President!

 Jazziette Devereaux, an American Patriot

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