Political Bedlam

The very height of Political Madness and the views of Jazziette Devereaux.

About Jazziette

Political Activist, Human Rights Advocate, Former Radio Talk Show Host 1100KFNX Phoenix,AZ.
“I still question the validity of the Election 2000 Bush win.  Sixteen years later and we are still trying to recover. The only way we can do this is by taking our country back from the elitists and establishment politicians and corporations that are literally ‘feeding’ off of our country and it’s citizens. If I haven’t learned anything else from the last sixteen years it is that there is no such thing as an elected official who really cares about the average American. And in particular, the President doesn’t even appear to care. 
Maybe back in the days of George Washington,  Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt,  John F Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, things were different. But today everything has changed and we are owned lock, stock and barrel by Big Pharma, Wall Street, Big Corp, Bankers and the like. 
It’s up to us, right now in  this crazy election of 2016, to do all we can to vote the elitists out of office and there is no bigger member of the establishment than Hillary Rodham Clinton.  
That’s why I’m voting this year for Donald J Trump for President!
The future of America depends on it!”
~ Jazziette Devereaux
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