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Et tu Newtus?

Et tu Newtus?

Newtus, Newdas…what’s the difference! Cain’s best friend turned against him!

It all started with the ‘Last Supper’ aka the ‘Lincoln/Douglas Debate’ aka ‘The Gingrich/Cain Debate’ aka the ‘When Newt tricked Cain Debate’.

All the Cain supporters were against it! They KNEW in their heart of hearts that Newt had everything to GAIN and Cain had everything to LOSE! And thus it came to pass….

That was the beginning.

Newt succeeded in making Cain look inexperienced and even uninformed next to the very highly experienced and professional cheater…uh…debater….Gingrich!

Then came the smears and the allegations! Cain thought the Perry Camp had released them. Then he blamed Obama. It was those dirty rats in Chicago that were trying to bring the Herman Cain down!

Of course we all knew it was the Media!

But wait….

Ginger White had come forward with her revelation (allegation) that she and Cain had been having an affair.  Bedbuddies, or some kind of hogwash like that.  She alleged they had been carrying on for the last 13 years.

Hold on!  She claimed she went to a Mike Tyson fight. And Tyson had retired. He never fought during the years White claimed she was having an affair with Cain. She had no proof of anything other than a few phone calls and text messages. She was definitely lying!


Didn’t Cain say that he and Gingrich had been very good friends for the last TEN years? One might conceivably surmise that he and Gingrich might have discussed things other than politics. Perhaps Cain in his naivety mentioned to Newt that he had a friend he helped financially. Of course Newt would have never believed it was only friendship. After all, we know HE is a confirmed adulterer!

So, tell me. Just how much is 30 pieces of silver worth?

Only time will tell. But in the meantime I hope that Herman Cain will not endorse the one man who stood to gain the most from his departure and whose campaign ‘cheered jubilantly’ when Cain made the announcement he was suspending his bid.

Don’t bother asking me for sources here. If the Main Stream Media doesn’t have to give them why should I?

It looks more and more like the ‘Powers that Be’ are going to try to force feed Newtus on us!

This is ONE vote they will NOT get!

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