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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford must be investigated for CONSPIRACY against Justice Brett Kavanaugh!

Judge Kavanaugh and Christine Ford during testimony of accusations
Look at the two photos. Notice the look of righteous indignation on Judge Kavanaugh’s face and then compare it to the look of abject horror on Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s face. As I examine the two faces it strikes me as very strange that a grown woman looks so terrified as she recants an experience that happened to her over three decades ago. As I further examine her face it almost looks as a face filled with shame rather than fear. And I think of an acting class I took back in college where we were taught how to act and look certain ways and I wondered who coached Dr. Ford and how many times she had practiced making that face. A face that could be interpreted to mean so many things. What it really meant we will probably never know but for sure it was a pathetic face. A face designed to illicit sympathy and compassion for the victim. And yet, who was the real victim here? Was it really Dr. Christine Ford or was it really Judge Brett Kavanaugh?

Let’s go back to before this accusation came to light. The photo below shows the happy family of Judge Kavanaugh as he is presented as President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court.
Judge Kavanaugh and family before accusation

Look at the happy faces of Judge Kavanaugh’s family. In particular look at the Judge’s face. He is happy and proud as he watches his wife and daughter’s reaction to his nomination by the President. They are wonderfully happy and this is a photo that we should all remember because it will never be taken again. There is no way this family will ever feel this same unabashed happiness again. His confirmation to the Supreme Court cannot erase the stain upon this family that has been cast upon him by the accusation of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when she testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that Brett Kavanaugh, at the age of 17, tried to rape her at a party when she was only 15. And at that same hearing she testified that she was 100 percent sure it was Brett Kavanaugh.

Never mind that this happened 36 years before and she had never filed a police report, never told her parents, never confided in any friend, never told any boyfriend, never told anyone at all. Until, that is, she says she told her therapist some 30 years later. And even in this revelation she told the therapist she was attacked by four boys at a party and she never mentioned Brett Kavanaugh by name. Her one and only corroborating factor that she had ever told anyone was her husband who said he recalled her saying Brett Kavanaugh’s name but even Dr. Ford said she never mentioned his name to the therapist and when questioned as to why the therapist’s notes said there were four boys, Dr. Ford said the therapist had made a mistake. Why are we supposed to believe everything, no matter how preposterous it may be, as absolute fact?

This is why Justice Kavanaugh must be totally and 100 percent exonerated. And there is only one way to do that.  We need to know more about Dr. Ford. We know everything there is to know about Justice Kavanaugh. We know about his barfing, his flatulence, his silly yearbook notes, his love of beer. We know his friends and his school history and his work history and his exemplary record of achievements over the years. But we know very little about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. She was allowed to testify before the world and accuse (then) Judge Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape 36 years ago, without any kind of corroboration whatsoever. And treated with kid gloves by the Senate. And she and her lawyers called the shots. With zero corroboration this woman was allowed to accuse one of the most honorable men who ever walked this earth of something so horrible and so base that they might as well have given her a knife and allowed her to stab him in the heart. Because that is exactly the affect it had on him.  Only, that would have been a lot quicker and far less painful for Judge Kavanaugh.


Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, September 27, 2018. – Kavanaugh was to testify in front of the panel next on Thursday afternoon, having stridently rejected the allegations of sexual abuse by Blasey Ford and two other women in prepared remarks. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / POOL / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

In the above photo Judge Kavanaugh struggles not to cry as he recalls how his young daughter said they should “pray for the woman” who had accused him.  It is a face filled with emotion and despair. It is a face of a man who has been falsely accused and he is the only person in the world who knows for a fact that he is telling the truth. It is the face of a man who feels defeated because he knows his lifelong reputation has been destroyed by one woman who, for reasons unknown, has come forward with a baseless and senseless allegation of attempted rape by him, which she alleged happened 36 years ago. It is the face of a man who has been completely and totally blindsided and in the face of such horrible accusations that threaten his very existence, including that of his family, must defend himself against that which he cannot even see. Because the enemy, without any kind of corroboration or witnesses, is invisible. And how can one fight what one cannot see?

APTOPIX Supreme Court Kavanaugh

And yet, as captured in the above photo, he did fight back. As if he were fighting for his life. Because, in fact, he was! He was fighting for the life he worked hard to build. A life of honesty and integrity and forthrightness and fairness and accomplishment. He was fighting for his wife and his daughters and his mother and his father, who were also there in the Senate listening to the testimony. And he didn’t hold back.  He gave it all he had and even accused the left of a vast conspiracy that also included the Clintons. He wavered from absolute anger to dismay as he denied everything that Dr. Christine Ford had accused him of and he repeatedly questioned how the Senate had thrown out due process and the presumption of innocence. He protested to the unfounded allegation he had been subjected to in front of the world and he lamented that his reputation had been destroyed forever. And I don’t believe he was coached by anyone on how to look or what to say or how to act.  He said what he felt and what was true and he reacted emotionally to how he felt. He was real and he was honest.

I watched him that day and I cried. I cried because it hurt so much to see someone treated so unfairly and I cried because this is what our country has become. A nation of liars and connivers and paid protesters. And I cried to see our Democratic Senators question him repeatedly about his youth and his yearbook and if he was a gang rapist and I knew that they knew he was innocent of these allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. And yet they didn’t care. They didn’t care if they destroyed an innocent man’s life. They wanted blood and they drew blood.  They were so desperate to discredit Judge Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court that they put up a woman with a 36-year-old completely unfounded and uncorroborated story alleging attempted rape and then they acted like they completely believed her. And in fact, they stated that they believed her and that the Judge was lying. Any lesser man would have given up in the face of such unbelievable and incredible accusations played out for all the world to see. But Judge Kavanaugh fought back. And he vowed that he was innocent and that nothing they could do would make him withdraw from his nomination.

And at least half the world cried with me that day. And the other half. Well, they protested in the streets and they screamed and yelled and tore things up and stated that women must be believed at all costs, even if it means destroying an innocent man’s life. And female Senators such as Senator Gillibrande and Senator Hirono said they believed Dr. Ford unequivocally, without any witnesses or corroboration of any kind, and that surely Judge Kavanaugh was lying. Senator Hirono from Hawaii even went so far as to say that all men should “Just shut up.” I have never witnessed anything like this in my enitre life and it saddened me not only for Judge Kavanaugh and his family, but for my country and all of its citizens as well.

What had we become? What were we to become? And what could save Judge Kavanaugh who I truly believed was innocent. And I  believed this because there was absolutely NO evidence to the contrary. NONE! NADA! NIL!

Why did the Senate Judiciary Committee even allow this to happen? Someone, please explain this to me and to the country. Because we deserve an explanation!

Yes, I have seen the most recent revelations that Dr. Ford had a friend named Monica McLean who was a former FBI agent living in Delaware and perhaps she helped her write her original letter and that in the past she might have helped McLean understand how to take a polygraph test, even though McLean has denied this.

Yes, I have read the Arizona prosecutor’s account of why she thinks Dr. Ford was not honest in her testimony.

Yes, I am aware that there were several inconsistencies in her testimony that day that I myself caught, such as was she really afraid of flying and did she really not know that the Senate had offered to come to California to interview her. She did not seem credible to me but perhaps I am biased because to me when someone makes a completely and totally uncorroborated allegation as serious as the one Dr. Ford made against Judge Kavanaugh, 36 years after the so-called fact, and can’t remember major details like how she got there or how she got  home, whose house it was, where the house was, who invited her there, not even sure exactly what year it was even,  and never told anyone until just now when someone famous like Judge Kavanaugh is about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court and then BOOM this accusation comes from out of nowhere. Of course I was skeptical. Of course I thought it was a set up. Of course I thought it was a hit-job. And I still believe it was.

And I want to know why the Senate allowed it to happen. Why? Why did the Senate allow this?

As far as I am concerned this isn’t the end. It is not over. It will never be over until we know all the facts. And I am talking about the facts surrounding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

I think the Senate and the Department of Justice owe us an apology, explanation and investigation in Dr. Ford’s background, which was deliberately hidden from us during the hearings. If she had nothing to hide why was it hidden? Everything about Judge Kavanaugh was in the open. Nothing, not one thing, about Dr. Ford was in the open or disclosed. We knew nothing about her at all. And we still don’t. Because she was treated with kid gloves. She and her lawyers were allowed to call all the shots regarding her testimony and Judge Kavanaugh was forced to endure this deliberate character assassination with no due process or presumption of innocence whatsoever.

This is not acceptable. Not in my America. Not as long as I have any kind of voice at all in which to protest, civilly, both orally and in writing. And not as long as I can demand that our elected officials, most particularly our Senators who allowed this farce to occur, perform a full and complete investigation of Dr. Ford’s mental and emotional background as well as a history of her sexual activities while in high school and thereafter.

There is not only a stain upon Justice Kavanaugh as a result of her false accusation but there is also a stain on America and on the Senate for allowing this debacle to happen. Justice Kavanaugh and our country deserve for the truth to be known. We want to see her medical records, her work records, an investigation into her background. We want to know who is the real Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

We owe it to Justice Kavanaugh and his family to do all that we can to try to restore them to the happiness they displayed in that first photo.  And while “nothing can bring back the hour of splendour in the grass” (Wordsworth) we will continue to grieve until this wrong has been righted.

Exonerate Justice Kavanaugh completely.


~ Jazziette Devereaux

© All rights reserved







MSM is POLLING our LEG! Presidential Polls – 2016


media 13

“But…but ..but…they wouldn’t lie to us would they? Seriously? Would the media deliberately lie and deceive the American public?”

You can bet your bottom dollar they would! And do! All the time! And they have been lying to us and distorting the truth for a very very long time. So long we don’t even know how long. Maybe forever, as far as I know.

“But why? Why would they lie? Why would they lie about the candidates? Why would they lie about the polls?”

Because the media, for the most part, is owned by just a handful of very wealthy and powerful individuals and they print what is in their best interest for the reader to read, not ours. And their best interest is to influence the way we think, the way we dress, the things we eat, what we drink, the medications we take, what stocks we invest in, where we invest our money, where we travel, the way we vote, etc. and on and on, with the list being too extensive to name in this article.  Most importantly, the media and the elitists who own it, need for laws to be passed and enacted that will enable them to continue  with their propaganda and increasing and amassing their great wealth even if it means making the country go bankrupt in the process.

“But that’s anti-American!”

Who ever said the media is owned by Americans?

Do you really think you know who owns the six huge corporations that own basically all the main stream media in the world?

media 3

General Electric, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS

media 12

The advertisers that support these media companies have tremendous sway over what makes it on the airwaves. These are the companies that make every attempt to control public perception and to control the politicians who get the laws passed that perpetuate their greed and wealth.  Naturally this means that the politician who will do their bidding is the one they will report about more favorably. It makes sense doesn’t it? And also, during an election year, candidates now spend enormous amounts of money on ads against their opponents. Is the light beginning to dawn now?

How many times to do you find yourself asking if the reporter or the anchor is telling you the truth? How often do you find yourself dismayed by facts they present that you didn’t think were possible? Do you find that your opinion is based on what you watch on MSNBC and FOX News or what you read in the Washington Post or the New York Times? Do you ever question the validity of what you saw, heard or read?

I do all the time. Most recently I found myself questioning the Presidential Polls. They didn’t seem to make any sense to me based on my own firsthand knowledge. Overwhelmingly Clinton was beating Trump in all the polls. And yet, with over 4,000 friends on Facebook, I could see a much larger trend in favor of Trump. It continued to baffle me until finally I decided to conduct my very own poll.

Jazziette’s Official Presidential Poll – 2016 …..August 29th, 2016

And so on my Facebook page, of which I have over 4,000 friends, I conducted my own several hour Presidential Poll. I simply asked for those wishing to participate to respond with the candidate of their choice and the state in which they live. I asked that there be no other conversation. I felt that based on the fact that my friends are from all over the country and fall within all demographics that it would be a fairly accurate test of which way the wind was blowing. I was not prepared for the results, however.

I actually thought there would be quite a few that would choose Clinton and I was prepared for it to be a very close poll. But surprisingly, after over 60 responses, these were the results.

Trump – 55, Johnson – 5, Clinton – 2, Stein – 1, Kenison – 1, Paulson – 1 and Dissenters – 4

This poll was definitely not rigged! The voters represented nearly every state in the union, with Texas having the most responses.

After that I checked Donald J Trump’s Facebook page and saw that I had over 450 friends who had liked his page. Then I went to Clinton’s Facebook page and I only had 53 friends who liked her page.

To me this was very revealing. Highly indicative that the numbers we are getting from MSM are not only wrong, they are absolute fabrications. The obvious intent is to make us think that Trump is doing horrible and that we should switch our votes away from Trump, who they use every opportunity possible to turn his words against him. Another highly deceitful practice of the MSM. However, the other and much scarier intent is that the MSM is rigging the polls so that they will match the results of a rigged election. This is cause for grave concern! Remember 2000!!!

I will end by saying I do not know how anyone with love for this country can vote for that woman. In my opinion she shouldn’t even be qualified to run for President of the United States with her track record, not to mention the disgraceful behavior of her husband when he was President. The Presidency isn’t like some crown to be passed from one spouse to another or one family member to another. What a mistake it was electing George W Bush (he was actually appointed by the Supreme Court) who thrust the world into complete and utter chaos when he invaded Iraq, and based on a lie at that.

But Hillary is a very different and far more dangerous candidate than even Bush. She is clever and manipulating. This has been proven as a result of investigations by Congress and the FBI into the handling of her email servers and classified information while she “self-served” as Secretary of State. This has also been proven by the way she has repeatedly lied to cover up her activities in connection with favors given to donors of the Clinton Foundation, which is also under investigation by the FBI. Bush did what he was told to do. Hillary, if elected, will have none of that. She will do exactly as she pleases and that means she will do what benefits her and the special interest groups and countries (including Iran and Saudi Arabia) who are sponsoring her.

Pure and simple. She does not care a whit what the people of this country want. Clinton is the very epitome of the “Establishment”.

God help us all if Hillary Clinton is our next President!

 Jazziette Devereaux, an American Patriot

Copyright 2016 All rights reserved.









California Chrome Mercilessly Whipped While Injured

I think this blog has great merit! I also wonder if California Chrome was injured before the race began. As he was being led to the paddocks I clearly saw him limping on his right front foot. I call for a full and complete investigation!

Horseracing Wrongs

An open question to Art Sherman, Perry Martin, Steve Coburn, the 100,000 fans in attendance, the millions more watching around the world, indeed, all who were seduced by NBC’s shameful coverage: How to explain, justify, defend this?

(pick up around 2:50 mark; California Chrome has the white stripe)

3-year-old California Chrome received roughly 20 hard lashes within 15 seconds. Said celebrated jockey Victor Espinoza: “I noticed something as soon as he came out of the gate. He was not the same. By the 5/8ths pole he was just empty.” So, he beat him – mercilessly, while the horse ran on an open wound (below). In truth, Mr. Espinoza should be arrested for animal cruelty under Section 353 of NY’s Ag and Markets Law: “A person who overdrives, overloads, tortures or cruelly beats…any animal, whether wild or tame, and whether belonging to himself or to another…is guilty of a class A…

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The Media vs Chris Christie aka Revenge of the Nerds


The Media VS Chris Christie aka Revenge of the Nerds

This is so much deja vous! I’ve seen this before so many times. A political star begins to look favorable for the Presidential nomination and next thing you know he’s going down. And who is taking him down? None other than your favorite news source – the media.

So a couple of lanes were closed on a bridge in New Jersey and it seems that some aides in Christie’s office were involved in getting revenge on the Mayor of that city because he had refused to endorse Christie’s re-election for Governor.

Big EFFING deal!!!

This is being called “Bridgegate”. What a joke! Comparing this to Watergate is like comparing a minnow to a whale! So much ado over nothing!

And now…worse than that even…a “memo” sent out to Christie supporters attacks the high school popularity of David Wildstein, the Port Authority dude who closed the lanes down and ultimately resigned.

Poor guy. The memo called him out on being a nerd in high school. That is the worst thing you can say about anyone! Shame! Shame! Shame!

But wait! Chris Christie had NO KNOWLEDGE of what that memo said. He, after all, is the one who appointed Wildstein to his position at Port Authority. And not only that…Wildstein was the statistician on Christie’s high school baseball team.

Surely there was some degree of allegiance there that the memo writing people missed!

And so now the question haunts us. Was Wildstein a nerd or not?

That is the question!

And the media is going to hold this over Chris Christie’s head just long enough to ensure that he will not be a presidential candidate in 2016!

Just in case you are one of those people who believes everything you read in the media let me remind you that the media is owned and operated by six very rich and powerful families.

What you read is what they want you to read.


The Devil in the G.O.P.

Will someone please tell me what is wrong with Republicans? Seriously!

It’s time that women everywhere began to stand up to these religious zealots who would take our freedoms away from us. The very idea of anyone trying to tell us we are sinning or committing a crime when we are making decisions regarding our own bodies and our own reproductive rights is beyond absurd! In my opinion it has become so serious that I almost feel like we have a class action lawsuit against the religious institutions that are behind it.

When someone like Paul Ryan, son of Satan himself, tries to introduce a ‘personhood bill’ that would define an ‘organism’ as a human being person the moment of so-called fertilization; with the sole intent to make having an abortion an act of murder, that is an unbelievable infringement on my God-given rights as a human being! And I am fed up to the high heavens with this!

We need to fight back and we need to fight back hard because these lunatics are dead serious! And if Romney and Ryan get elected they WILL overturn Roe vs. Wade and introduce all kinds of wacko religious bills that would send us women far, far back into the dark ages!

We simply cannot allow this to happen!

The very idea of any man trying to tell a woman what to do with her body or that she can’t have contraceptives is criminal in my opinion! For the G.O.P. to continue to support men like Todd Akin, who made the remark that “when a woman is raped her body has ways to shut that whole thing down” is unforgivable!  What an idiot he is. These men know less than zero about women and how their bodies, or minds, work.

And now we have Richard Mourdock saying that a woman should be forced to bear the child of her rapist because it was “what God intended”. Give me a freaking break! Are these people actually running for positions that would allow them to create crazy, out of touch, laws we all would have to abide by? Where do these people come from anyway? Are they a throwback to the Pioneer days or to the 16th Century? I almost don’t know what to say! Seriously!

This is something that has me madder than a wet hornet. And that’s the Republican state Representative from Wisconsin, Roger Rivard, who made the comment recently that “Some girls rape easy.” See, this is what they are all inferring. That if we don’t want to have sex with them and they force it on us that we really did want it even when we didn’t. They are inferring that all women are liars when it comes to rape! This is just so wrong!

And furthermore, this has nothing whatsoever to do with our Government! Or Politics! We need to send a message and a very strong one that we absolutely will not vote for ANYONE who attempts to control our rights as a woman!

I don’t know about you, but I plan to deliver my message this November 6th when I vote for Barack Obama for President.

Enough is Enough! Rape is Rape! A woman’s body is her own! And no one else has the right to make these decisions for her!

For all the religious people who might read this and who want to control me I would like you to consider this. I do not tell you how to live or what religion to belong to or how to control your bodies. I do not think about or worry about how many children you have or if you want to terminate a pregnancy or what you do in the privacy of your own home. I do not tell you who to love and who you can be intimate with.

And I honestly believe that if there really is a God, that he looks down upon this planet and sheds tears at man’s inhumanity to man. Because I do not believe a loving God would ever do or want the things that are constantly accredited to him.

Please, women, wake up before it is too late! Stand up for our rights! Stand up for Planned Parenthood too! I can assure anyone that having no planned parenthood would be much more expensive than having no planned parenthood!

Let’s send a strong message to Republicans to get the Devil out of the G.O.P. and let’s all vote for Barack Obama for President on November 6th, 2012!

So, stand back boys!  We are women! Hear us ROAR!


~ Jazziette Devereaux

PS…Comments are welcome and encouraged!

Election 2012 – The Unsung Heros of Twitter

The power of Social Media is perhaps the most understated factor in this year’s General Election. Who will be our next President and Senators and Congressmen are largely dependent on the social media wars and information and opinions that are generated on Facebook and Twitter. While there are other Social Media outlets, Facebook and Twitter are by far the most active and influential and when you get right down to it…it all comes back to Twitter.

This is why you see the candidates themselves tweeting and gathering followers. This is something money simply can’t buy. No amount of dollars spent on TV advertising can equal the power of tweets and retweets and blogs created and tweeted and the exchange of ideas by so called: twittermates. The hashtags spread like wildfire and what or who is trending is dominated in the Twitter Universe.


Twitter can make you and Twitter can break you. Remember Anthony Weiner? (Who could forget!)!

#OMG-IthinkI’mGoingViral #OMG-OMG-OMG

The very second something (anything) in the world happens it is immediately tweeted and picked up and retweeted all over the world. The announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed was announced first by a tweet on Twitter, even before President Obama announced it to the world on TV.

Keith Urbahn @keithurbahnis
So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn.

(This was tweeted over an hour before President Obama’s announcement on May 1, 2011. Keith Urbahn, an aide to former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld)

 Some think  Rumsfeld may have been the reputable person who told Keith. But we all know that isn’t possible!


This is the power of Twitter.  And todays Candidates know it.  And they use it as a campaign tool and very, highly effectively.  Candidates themselves rarely tweet. When they do it is to the delight of their followers and each tweet is retweeted thousands or hundreds of thousands of times.  Campaigns know how powerful and influential Twitter is and they routinely and effectively set up accounts that are created to generate enthusiasm and activity and get results..These accounts mingle among other Twitterers as ‘friends’ without anyone knowing they are indeed ‘plants’.

Their job is to make friends with other active and influential Twittermates to ‘get out the word’, or whatever the campaign’s motive is, to spread throughout Twitterville.  When they want to leak information about the opposition they take to Twitter and can accomplish their goal in a matter of minutes. Information about events, issues, gaffes, etc. are immediately picked up and tweeted out by Twitter.


Every word a Politician or political candidate utters is going to be captured and reported these days and the highlights and especially the gaffes will be tweeted and retweeted until the cows come home. So goes it in Twitterville.

And thus, there are many bloggers who have chosen Twitter as a means to campaign for their chosen candidates and the really, really smart ones have found this to be a highly effective way  to unleash their creativity and ideas as well as help their candidates to get national and even worldwide attention. Never underestimate the power of a Twitter blogger. Never!

And that is what this blog is really all about today – my very favorite political ‘unsung hero’ on Twitter. My favorite blogger – @GottaLaff

@GottaLaff is the creator of  The Political Carnival along with her (highly important) though less visible partner @paddyK. Their blog, my favorite political blog, can be found at thepoliticalcarnival.net  Well, the fact is I don’t know Paddy very well. In fact I don’t know her at all. But Laffy (@GottaLaff) first caught my attention back in 2010.  Gosh it seems like it has been longer than that! ( Hey! @paddyK #FF @jazziette 🙂

@GottaLaff  I swear it has been longer than two years!!!! #LOL #GirlTweets #xoxox


At that time I was busy campaigning for (among other people) MN State Senator Tarryl Clark in her race for Congress against Michele Bachmann. Unfortunately Clark lost that race, but in the process I met and made Twitter friends with some very cool people, one of whom was Laffy. Looking back I recall how I had to turn flips and cartwheels to get her to follow me. But eventually I did and I became addicted to The Political Carnival and each blog that Laffy (and paddy) put up (which were many) each and every day of the week. They were important and they were factual and they always included that famous Laffy sense of humour that made the reading even more fun.

Her tweets about her blogs would often begin with “Miss this?” And then a link to her latest #TPC entry, which was usually the very latest and hottest of news about the election translated into the Laffy version with a smattering of smart ass remarks to go along with it.

I was hooked! I was hooked not just on The Political Carnival. I was hooked on @GottaLaff and I joined the other 25K followers, or so, who are also hooked on this delightful, warm and funny girl from California that no one can get enough of.

What?!?  You may be thinking. If she only has 25K followers (that’s really a LOT) how can she be that influential? Remember this….Twitter is like an enormous Pyramid Scheme. When you tweet something it is picked up by each of your followers who retweet to each of their followers who retweet to each of theirs and on and on and on. The number of people you can reach through ‘just one tweet’ is staggering!

Laffy aka @GottaLaff truly is one of the most popular and influential Tweeters on Twitter and her blog has caught the attention of the most important of political candidates, radio talk show hosts and even television anchors. She has become a frequent guest on mostly radio shows and her opinion is widely sought and respected. Laffy is one of those rare and charismatic people who exude love! She is loved and she loves back. She never misses a chance to show a follower her gratitude for a retweet or a mention on Twitter. She is truly one in a kazillion.

But….as with any other site, organization, club, group, etc….along with fame comes jealousy!

Laffy is a Democrat! She works hard to get Democrats, especially the President, elected and re-elected. And she is fresh! She is credible! She could run for office herself and get elected if she had a mind to. But she doesn’t! She is happy blogging and interacting with her followers. She is honest and patriotic and she believes in her cause! Those who she supports are very appreciative but quite sadly this brings me to the unfortunate fact that not everyone admires those who have talent and spirit. There are some who are jealous and this is where I find the need to point out the dark side of Twitter. That side that most don’t really see and don’t really understand. It’s what goes on behind the scenes and one of the reasons that Twitter has a ‘block feature’. Of course all of us who are site savvy know how to get around that. How? By just creating a new account, a new ID. It’s easy! A 12 year old can teach you how to do that!


And it creeps up just when you least expect it! Kind of like when you were in the first grade and suddenly someone you liked and you thought was your friend comes up to you and says “I don’t like you! You’re not my friend anymore!” And we are hurt and we are shocked and sometimes we cry. Growing up and becoming an adult may help us understand this kind of behavior (not really) but it doesn’t take away the hurt or the sorrow that comes with it.

But wait! We are not dealing with ordinary people anymore. We are in the Social Media. The wonderful world of the internet where people can hide behind their internet masks and say and do things they would never do ‘in real life’. This isn’t real life? Well…yes…there is always someone real behind each tweet, each post, each word that one reads on the web. And that is why our wonderful world of Twitter has been infiltrated, like every other great site on the web, with Trolls and Clones who do all they can to hurt and discredit those they consider competition or who they feel they have too much influence or maybe they are just someone who is jealous of the attention someone else is getting. There are many reasons that Trolls surface.

It was actually rumoured that Facebook employees, in the beginning, were directed to set up Troll accounts on popular social websites and troll users to the point where they eventually fled the sites to Facebook for relief. Is this true? I honestly can’t imagine Mark Zuckerberg doing this. Why would someone do something like that when seeking to build a ‘multi-billion dollar’ social media site? Anyone see the movie? I doubt it is true and actually Facebook has implemented very strong rules against trolling.

“Your account has been de-activated!”

It still amazes me how much certain folks on Twitter can get away with. And honestly, the constant bickering gets so old!  #StopIt The fact is, one cannot be too careful what one writes these days. Thanks to the googlebots our words are etched into eternity.

But still…. the sad truth is that this type of troll activity just seems to be getting worse and worse!  And when it does it causes the one under attack to suffer feelings of helplessness and despair that are difficult to describe. Just absolutely horrible is the description that comes to mind!

Example: My good friend, @GottaLaff (Laffy) has come under this type of attack! Right now! And she is the last person on this planet who deserves to be treated this way!
And that leaves us to wonder why. Is it just jealousy or is there something deeper and darker behind it all. Is someone or someones from the GOP side working to discredit her and hoping to ruin her fabulous reputation?

Or is it just some sick, pathetic, weird, psycho who, for reasons unknown, has launched an attack on her that has not gone unnoticed. It has not gone unnoticed by Laffy and it has not gone unnoticed by her adoring followers!

But never fear @GottaLaff (Laffy) !!! We are here! And we’ve got your BACK!

We all know how to use the ignore and block features! Attacking back only exacerbates and accelerates the situation. There is nothing Trolls and Bullies fear more than being ignored!

But on the other hand…………

POW!     BANG!     BOOM!     CRUNCH!!!!
BOOM!     POW!     BAM!!!!!!
CRUNCH!!!!!!!      BANG!!!!!!!

HAHAHA!!! That felt SOOOOOOOOOOO good!!!

As for Election 2012 –

Hear! Hear! Twittermates! We shall PREVAIL!!!

With the help of unsung heros like YOU and @GottaLaff we WILL win it ALL  in November!



*Thanks to @GottaLaff and @paddyK for permission to use (altercate) pics of Laffy and The Political Carnival!

PS……AND……..God Bless the Trolls….. *WINK*

© Copyright 2012 Jazziette, Inc.

Et tu Newtus?

Et tu Newtus?

Newtus, Newdas…what’s the difference! Cain’s best friend turned against him!

It all started with the ‘Last Supper’ aka the ‘Lincoln/Douglas Debate’ aka ‘The Gingrich/Cain Debate’ aka the ‘When Newt tricked Cain Debate’.

All the Cain supporters were against it! They KNEW in their heart of hearts that Newt had everything to GAIN and Cain had everything to LOSE! And thus it came to pass….

That was the beginning.

Newt succeeded in making Cain look inexperienced and even uninformed next to the very highly experienced and professional cheater…uh…debater….Gingrich!

Then came the smears and the allegations! Cain thought the Perry Camp had released them. Then he blamed Obama. It was those dirty rats in Chicago that were trying to bring the Herman Cain down!

Of course we all knew it was the Media!

But wait….

Ginger White had come forward with her revelation (allegation) that she and Cain had been having an affair.  Bedbuddies, or some kind of hogwash like that.  She alleged they had been carrying on for the last 13 years.

Hold on!  She claimed she went to a Mike Tyson fight. And Tyson had retired. He never fought during the years White claimed she was having an affair with Cain. She had no proof of anything other than a few phone calls and text messages. She was definitely lying!


Didn’t Cain say that he and Gingrich had been very good friends for the last TEN years? One might conceivably surmise that he and Gingrich might have discussed things other than politics. Perhaps Cain in his naivety mentioned to Newt that he had a friend he helped financially. Of course Newt would have never believed it was only friendship. After all, we know HE is a confirmed adulterer!

So, tell me. Just how much is 30 pieces of silver worth?

Only time will tell. But in the meantime I hope that Herman Cain will not endorse the one man who stood to gain the most from his departure and whose campaign ‘cheered jubilantly’ when Cain made the announcement he was suspending his bid.

Don’t bother asking me for sources here. If the Main Stream Media doesn’t have to give them why should I?

It looks more and more like the ‘Powers that Be’ are going to try to force feed Newtus on us!

This is ONE vote they will NOT get!

The Media Murder of the Herman Cain Campaign

It’s now Official: The Media chooses our Candidates for us!

I watched the ‘Grand Opening’ and ‘Grand Closing’ (all in the same day) of the Herman Cain Campaign Headquarters in Atlanta with a potpourri of emotions.

I was curious and I was furious. I was sad and I was glad. I felt defeated and inspired at the same time. I felt disgust and I felt pain. And when it was all over with I felt disdain. The media that I have so enjoyed watching over the years has morphed into something so hideous and frightening that I feel the TV in my living room is something out of the book “1984”. It’s “Big Brother” all over again! Only this time it’s for real! This time it isn’t fiction.

Seriously! Seriously now! Just how important is it that a couple of very questionable women ‘alleged’ that they had encounters with Cain? I mean, just how relevant is it to running for President to have these unproven accusations aired 24/7 on the air, giving all kinds of exposure to the accusers with absolutely ZERO PROOF?

I’ll answer my own question. It isn’t important at all! If it was important President Bill Clinton would have never been elected and would have never gotten off the hook for getting a blowjob in the oval office. If it was important Newt Gingrich would not be the forerunner in the presidential campaign today. It simply isn’t important!

And this wasn’t about sex anyway. This was about eliminating Herman Cain from running for and being elected to the highest office in the land. That’s what this is all about. This was about making sure WE the PEOPLE vote for who the Media chooses for us. One sure way to guarantee this is to simply get them out of the running. And so as I watched and waited, I was pretty sure I knew what his decision was going to be.

Clicking back and forth from CNN to Fox to CSPAN I was forced to listen to disparaging remarks about Cain by the reporters as I waited for his announcement. The remarks came from the right and from the left and the verdict was all in. Cain was guilty as charged (by the media) and without even having a fair trial. Or any trial at all, for that matter. I wanted to turn them all off but I wanted to see and hear Herman Cain and so I watched in agony.

Candy Crowley on CNN was the most difficult to watch and listen to as it became obvious she was as eager to ‘crucify’ Cain as she was to eat her next chocolate eclair. The bloodthirsty media made me cringe as they circled the building, ready to swoop down on the Cain carcass.

The dreaded decision came: “Today I am suspending my presidential campaign.” I uttered out loud “Nooooooo!” For a few minutes of his speech I felt he was going to stay in it. It sounded very much like he was still in it. And then, with his wife (Gloria) standing a few feet behind him, he called it a “suspension”. And he talked about something called “Plan B” which was all a blur to me because my disappointment at his suspension trumped anything else I had heard. He said he would be endorsing another candidate soon. WHAAAAAAT? Who on earth could that possibly be? When he suspended because of sexual allegations surely he couldn’t endorse Newt, who is a proven adulterer, not to mention the fact that Newt had called Cain on the carpet to address the allegations and “be sure what you say is accurate”. Surely not! Romney? No way! Cain stated on the Michael Savage Show that he could never accept the VP slot if Romney got the nomination because he had such a different stance on so many of the issues. Huntsman who called for Cain to step down? Ron Paul who is on a different planet? Bachmann who was quick to use the allegations against Cain? Perry who he once thought had been behind the smears? Santorium the whiner, who always looks like he could benefit from a good dose of milk of magnesia?

No. Surely there is no one on that GOP stage that Herman Cain, in good conscience, could possibly even entertain the thought of endorsing.

But there they came anyway. Cain was now wonderful in their eyes. The man they thought should face his accusers and “tell the truth”, the man who “should step down”, the man they had ‘put down’ was suddenly a great friend and wonderful person! Translation: I want your endorsement! I want your supporters!

It was nauseating. There is really nothing wackier or dirtier or more insane than politics and politicians. But that’s been going on forever. It has just reached a new low. I suppose there really is no more to be said. What we have just witnessed truly was the “Assassination by Innuendo” of an American Candidate. In fact, it is more than that.

It is the Media Murder of Democracy!

Who will hold the Media accountable for this crime? Why aren’t Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell and Wolf Blitzer and Bill O’Reilly and others being fired for airing things that they could not prove were true? What happened to the code of ethics that reporters and journalists are supposed to follow?

(For those who are not familiar with the journalistic Code of Ethics they can be found at the bottom of this blog.)

The sad truth is that there ‘are no ethics’ in the Media now. We are fed precisely what they want us to hear and what they want us to know and what opinion they want us to form. And the reporters and anchors are paid a lot of money to get this message out that their ’employers’ want them to air, regardless of the validity of the message. Truth isn’t important anymore in reporting. The MSM will soon put the National Enquirer out of business.

but to continue…..

After Cain’s announcement CNN aired an interview with Cain’s accuser, Ginger White.

“Pound a stake into his heart just to ensure he is indeed dead!”

At that point I turned the TV off and it has been off ever since. There are other, more trustworthy ways, to get information. But I am sad to say that I feel when Cain suspended his campaign today, as a result of ‘media hounding’, this country lost not only the best possible choice for the next POTUS, but in the process ‘killed’ the one thing that has always made it so great. The American Dream!

The American Dream died today. December 3rd, 2011.


1776 – 2011


Radio Television Digital News Association


Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Professional electronic journalists should operate as trustees of the public, seek the truth, report it fairly and with integrity and independence, and stand accountable for their actions.
PUBLIC TRUST: Professional electronic journalists should recognize that their first obligation is to the public.
Professional electronic journalists should:
* Understand that any commitment other than service to the public undermines trust and credibility.
* Recognize that service in the public interest creates an obligation to reflect the diversity of the community and guard against oversimplification of issues or events.
* Provide a full range of information to enable the public to make enlightened decisions.
* Fight to ensure that the public’s business is conducted in public.

TRUTH: Professional electronic journalists should pursue truth aggressively and present the news accurately, in context, and as completely as possible.
Professional electronic journalists should:
* Continuously seek the truth.
* Resist distortions that obscure the importance of events.
* Clearly disclose the origin of information and label all material provided by outsiders.
Professional electronic journalists should not:
* Report anything known to be false.
* Manipulate images or sounds in any way that is misleading.
* plagiarise.
* Present images or sounds that are reenacted without informing the public.

FAIRNESS: Professional electronic journalists should present the news fairly and impartially, placing primary value on significance and relevance.
Professional electronic journalists should:
* Treat all subjects of news coverage with respect and dignity, showing particular compassion to victims of crime or tragedy.
* Exercise special care when children are involved in a story and give children greater privacy protection than adults.
* Seek to understand the diversity of their community and inform the public without bias or stereotype.
* Present a diversity of expressions, opinions, and ideas in context.
* Present analytical reporting based on professional perspective, not personal bias.
* Respect the right to a fair trial.
INTEGRITY: Professional electronic journalists should present the news with integrity and decency, avoiding real or perceived conflicts of interest, and respect the dignity and intelligence of the audience as well as the subjects of news.
Professional electronic journalists should:
* Identify sources whenever possible. Confidential sources should be used only when it is clearly in the public interest to gather or convey important information or when a person providing information might be harmed. Journalists should keep all commitments to protect a confidential source.
* Clearly label opinion and commentary.
* Guard against extended coverage of events or individuals that fails to significantly advance a story, place the event in context, or add to the public knowledge.
* Refrain from contacting participants in violent situations while the situation is in progress.
* Use technological tools with skill and thoughtfulness, avoiding techniques that skew facts, distort reality, or sensationalize events.
* Use surreptitious newsgathering techniques, including hidden cameras or microphones, only if there is no other way to obtain stories of significant public importance and only if the technique is explained to the audience.
* Disseminate the private transmissions of other news organizations only with permission.
Professional electronic journalists should not:
* Pay news sources who have a vested interest in a story.
* Accept gifts, favors, or compensation from those who might seek to influence coverage.
* Engage in activities that may compromise their integrity or independence.

INDEPENDENCE: Professional electronic journalists should defend the independence of all journalists from those seeking influence or control over news content.
Professional electronic journalists should:
* Gather and report news without fear or favor, and vigorously resist undue influence from any outside forces, including advertisers, sources, story subjects, powerful individuals, and special interest groups.
* Resist those who would seek to buy or politically influence news content or who would seek to intimidate those who gather and disseminate the news.
* Determine news content solely through editorial judgment and not as the result of outside influence.
* Resist any self-interest or peer pressure that might erode journalistic duty and service to the public.
* Recognize that sponsorship of the news will not be used in any way to determine, restrict, or manipulate content.
* Refuse to allow the interests of ownership or management to influence news judgment and content inappropriately.
* Defend the rights of the free press for all journalists, recognizing that any professional or government licensing of journalists is a violation of that freedom.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Professional electronic journalists should recognize that they are accountable for their actions to the public, the profession, and themselves.
Professional electronic journalists should:
* Actively encourage adherence to these standards by all journalists and their employers.
* Respond to public concerns. Investigate complaints and correct errors promptly and with as much prominence as the original report.
* Explain journalistic processes to the public, especially when practices spark questions or controversy.
* Recognize that professional electronic journalists are duty-bound to conduct themselves ethically.
* Refrain from ordering or encouraging courses of action that would force employees to commit an unethical act.
* Carefully listen to employees who raise ethical objections and create environments in which such objections and discussions are encouraged.
* Seek support for and provide opportunities to train employees in ethical decision-making.
In meeting its responsibility to the profession of electronic journalism, RTDNA has created this code to identify important issues, to serve as a guide for its members, to facilitate self-scrutiny, and to shape future debate.
Adopted at RTNDA2000 in Minneapolis September 14, 2000.


Herman Cain and “Assassination by Innuendo”

Herman Cain and “Assassination by Innuendo”

‘How the Media gets away with Murder’

by Jazziette Devereaux

(I preface this blog post stating that I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. I am first and foremost an American citizen and Patriot and when I see what I believe in my heart is a GRAVE injustice I feel it is my DUTY to come forward and tell it like I see it.)

There are some people who “talk the talk” and some people who “walk the walk”.

Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, falls into both categories. He practices what he preaches! He backs up what he says with action and his compassionate view of the world is practical also in that he truly believes that “Charity begins at home.”

He practices these beliefs with everyone he knows and in all that he does.

Cain isn’t the only caring, unselfish millionaire in this country. But he is probably the only one who helps others the way he does who also has a firm grasp on what it would take to turn this struggling economy around. And this is exactly why we need to understand and put into perspective exactly what has happened where Herman Cain is concerned.

To begin with, it is baffling to most fair minded people how Mr. Cain has been literally ‘assaulted’ by the news hungry media. It has been a feeding frenzy the likes of which I have never witnessed in any other Presidential campaign or with any other person, be it politician or candidate or private citizen. We have all witnessed the character assassination of Herman Cain live on TV and it has been sad and shameful to watch. In fact it has been downright disgraceful!

Now for the facts. And trust me when I say these ARE the FACTS!

The office of President of the United States IS the most powerful and coveted position in the WORLD! And people will do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING to get elected to this office and also to put the candidate of their choice in this office. Why? Mostly it is for monetary gain. Most voters simply don’t understand the real motivation behind those huge donors who back the campaigns and how much money they actually give to these candidates and what they expect in return.

The average voter is far too concerned with taking care of his job and family, etc. to have time to really do the research to understand the “machines” that make sure the candidate of their choice, who will owe them bigtime once elected, does get voted into office.

If you think that people will not KILL for this office be assured that they WILL! They will resort to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get their candidate elected. And this means the competition must be eliminated any way they can eliminate them. It doesn’t matter how they do it. Now granted, if suddenly one of the candidates turns up dead you can rest assured the entire country would suspect that something was awry.

So what is their alternative? How can they eliminate a candidate they feel is a REAL THREAT to their ‘Agenda’?

They must find a way to destroy them. And it was really easy for them with Herman Cain.

You see, Mr. Cain grew up “po” as he has written in his book. And he has never forgotten his roots! And while he has overcome the odds of being born black into a society where blacks rode on the back of the bus and drank from a different water fountain. While he has overcome the odds of being born black into a society that suspected a black man every time any crime was committed. While he has overcome the odds of being born black into a society that was still bombing schoolhouses that allowed blacks to go to school with white children. While he has overcome the odds of being born black into a society where the KKK routinely murdered young blacks who attempted to break through the barrier and got involved in the civil rights movement. While he endured and overcame all the unbelievable and incredible odds against him, Herman Cain rose to the top and became one of the most successful black businessmen in the history of our country, who came from this generation where blacks were called “niggers” and treated less than human.

One of the things that has made Herman Cain such a great man is that he has never forgotten where he came from and how blessed, even though he worked hard for it, to have achieved such success in his lifetime. And he has given back. When others reach out to him because they are in financial trouble, Mr. Cain has always been there to help. Why? Because he knows people are human. Why? Because he believes that giving back to others is part of his responsibility as a human being and an American.

And so he has helped many men and women who are less fortunate than he is when they have reached out to them and he expected NOTHING in return. What is very sad is that those who seek to destroy Herman Cain can easily find people who Cain has helped and the sad nature of mankind is that not everyone will remain grateful or thankful for the help they received. They are very easy prey for someone seeking to persuade someone to LIE about why Cain helped them. Why? Because these people are desperate! One of the reasons they are so desperate is because of the dire economical straights this country is in at the present time and those who would seek to destroy Mr. Cain’s credibility as a future President are the very ones who are chiefly responsible for why our country is in such a horrible dilemma. They are the ones who profit from the foreclosures and the bailouts. They are the ones who are bankrolling the campaigns of other candidates who they know will be beholden to them when in office.

Mr. Herman Cain cannot be bought and they know this! This is why they know they must eliminate him so that their candidate can get elected and do exactly as they tell him.

Herman Cain is guilty of one thing. Being a kind and decent and successful human being who has never failed to give back to others less fortunate them himself.

If WE, the American people, allow this travesty to continue: “to drive the one candidate who has the genuine best interest of ALL the people and this country at heart from the campaign trail”. If WE, the American people, continue to allow these self-serving and dangerous individuals and organizations who are behind this destruction of our Democratic system to use the Media in order to accomplish their evil goals, then we will have no one to blame but ourselves for enabling and allowing it to continue.

We must take a stand now and tell them NO!

I beseech everyone who reads this to continue to support Herman Cain for President and to email or call the major networks and tell them you will no longer listen and watch programs that engage in the character assassination of our Presidential candidates.

And if you do not support Herman Cain I STILL URGE YOU TO DO THIS! Because YOUR candidate COULD BE THE NEXT TARGET!

I stand by Herman Cain for President of the United States and I am highly insulted that anyone would think I could be so easily swayed by the false allegations and lies that the media has been airing.

I hope that Herman Cain will stay in this race and make it into the White House. I believe that he can do it! And I believe that he CAN and WILL turn this economy around if only given the opportunity to do so.

If he made it from a “po” little black ‘negro’ riding on the back of the bus, born to a janitor and a maid, and beating all the odds, including colon cancer, to become one of the most successful CEO’s in history; I believe Herman Cain can do anything.

He is the ONLY MAN on the GOP STAGE who has beaten these kinds of odds!

Stay in this campaign, Mr. Cain!


Why the Occupy Wall Street Protestors have it right and the Tea Party has it wrong!

by Jazziette Devereaux Oct. 8, 2011


In the beginning, the Tea Party demonstrators thought they had it right. They wanted to see change. They wanted to see accountability. They objected to the Wall Street bailout and the Banking bailout and the Auto Industry bailout. And they wanted to voice their unhappiness. They wanted to be heard!  They wanted Justice!

They were “we the people”, “by the people”, “for the people”.  Now they are “we the Tea Party”, “by the Koch Brothers”, and not “for anything”.  They seem to be against everything but the wealthy. They are especially against anything that ends in the letters ‘are’. Example:  Medicare, welfare, Obama care.  They are the anti-ares! Except for when it is spelled ‘aire’. They love the millionaires and billionaires.

So what happened? Where did they go wrong? How did the Tea Party go from being a group of dis-satisfied patriots to the ruling (or ruled) extension of the GOP?

Here’s how:

They were easy prey. They had no leadership.  And when the big corporations saw that they could use them to their advantage it was an easy sale  to convince them they should be angry with Government rather than Corporations. It was a slam dunk to convince them that the reason they were losing their houses and jobs and life savings  and couldn’t find employment was because of Obama care and Social Security and Medicare.

Never mind that it didn’t make any sense at all. Never mind that this all started with the Bush Administration.  The super rich (1 percent) knew that this could get out of hand quickly if they didn’t do something and so they quickly and cleverly sponsored the tea party with huge donations and put into leadership those who would further their agenda.

And once they were convinced that Big Government and not Big Corporations was their enemy there was no stopping them. After all, there is no more common bond than a common enemy. It was mind-boggling to see people who called themselves Christians behaving in the most anti-christian like manner.

Suddenly they were more anti-abortion than ever before. They were against gay marriage.  They were against Obama care. They were against the war. They were against immigration. They were against taxes.  They were against raising the debt ceiling. They were against Obama. They were against Liberals. They were against moderate conservatives.   They were even against masturbation.

And they had bad manners. It seems that no one ever told them that being a member of the Tea Party was no excuse for having bad manners.  They were rude! They were rowdy! They were unpleasant! And in many cases they advocated violence.


They did their math! They got it right on the 1 percent of the people controlling 99 percent of the rest of us!  The Tea Party still hasn’t figured that out.

Quite simply – they’re fed up with “corporate greed and welfare”.

They’re “mad as hell”.

And they’re “not going to take it anymore”.

I think former Congressman Alan Grayson put it best when he said on the Bill Maher Show:

(Talking about the Occupy Wall Street Protestors) “They’re complaining that Wall Street wrecked the economy three years ago and nobody’s held responsible for that. Not a single person’s been indicted or convicted for destroying twenty percent of our national net worth accumulated over two centuries. They’re upset about the fact that Wall Street has iron control over the economic policies of this country, and that one party is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street, and the other party caters to them as well.”

When another guest joked that Occupy Wall Street has found their spokesman, then Grayson continued, “Listen, if I am spokesman for all the people who think that we should not have 24 million people in this country who can’t find a full time job, that we should not have 50 million people in this country who can’t see a doctor when they’re sick, that we shouldn’t have 47 million people in this country who need government help to feed themselves, and we shouldn’t have 15 million families who owe more on their mortgage than the value of their home, okay, I’ll be that spokesman.”

But this one line by Grayson really sums it all up:

“It isn’t that the one percent and the Republicans who support them can’t understand Occupy Wall Street. It’s that they don’t want to. The message isn’t complicated.

The Wall Street Protestors are on the side of Truth! And Truth always Prevails!

Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved. Jazziette Devereaux

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